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What Good is Wallstreet?

For me to read when term if over: Advertisements

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Rough Seas Amazing rough seas, music by Thirteen Senses. This is apparently a memorial of some sort to a Turkish Harbour pilot.  I believe some of the scenery is from around Istanbul on the Bosphorus, the famous channel connecting the black … Continue reading

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Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

Here is a video that is amazing in many respects.  The Scottish scenery is amazing, as was the patience of the videographer.  It must have taken years to find that many sunny days in Scotland. Here is a picture … Continue reading

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IKEA’s Large Hadron Collider

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Gordon Pinsent reads Bieber

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Patricia Rants (car seats)

Patricia B. rants, um, comments, about upcoming car seat legislation to accommodate bigger children. (I just love her rants.) 🙂

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Celestial Navigation

Henning Umlands great guide to Celestial Navigation.  Learn how to use a sextant here.  James Cook did.  This is a comprehensive and thorough guide.  Thank-you Henning.

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